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Welcome to The Future of Pharmacy

Our unique pharmacy model leans heavily on technology, allows you to have both more freedom and more control over your pharmacy experience. Need to speak with a doctor…check. Need to lower the cost of your medications…we’ve got you covered.

We offer online telehealth and medications, all the traditional pharmacy offerings.

That’s the future of pharmacy.

How personalized should your pharmacy be?

Life is pretty hectic, but we believe your pharmacist should know your story and always offer a path to wellness. Need access to a doctor? TIN Rx offers telehealth access to our partnered physicians to get you the meds you need…all without insurance. Every TIN Rx patient has one-on-one access to their pharmacist for our pharmacy services and medication therapy management. It’s concierge-level service on your terms, the way pharmacy should be. Welcome to the future of pharmacy.

A Better Pharmacy Experience, Even Without Insurance

With Dr. TIN your personal healthcare is at your fingertips. Instantly connect to a Health Concierge, schedule a call with a TIN Rx Partnered Doctor, and get a new prescription during your consultation.

A better way to get your PrEP. Filled and shipped monthly, before you need it. Our pharmacists and pharmacy advisors take care of making sure your PrEP never stops, until you want it to.

Monthly prescriptions filled and delivered to your home, wherever you are. Our custom tailored medication packaging provides freedom from the traditional pharmacy experience.