San Francisco roots.

We call San Francisco home, and we understand the challenges and needs that arise within the LGBTQ community. Our unique pharmacy model, which leans heavily on technology, allows you to have both more freedom and more control over your pharmacy experience. We offer traditional pharmacy programs like medication therapy management and specialty prescriptions like PrEP and sofosbuvir®. Need prophylaxis and hormone therapy? No problem. In short, we aim to provide the highest level of care with the greatest amount of compassion. That’s stigma free pharmacy.  

How personalized should your pharmacy be?

Life is pretty hectic, but we believe your pharmacist should know your story and your needs. Every TIN Rx patient has one-on-one access to their pharmacist for our pharmacy services and medication therapy management.  Plus, our Daily medication package program adds the extra element of supplements, if needed, to your medication regime. It’s concierge-level service on your terms.

Find your TIN Rx.

Stop by  our new Castro, San Francisco location. We are now offering curbside pickup of prescriptions and over-the-counter items. Call in or transfer your prescriptions today.

Are you looking for a better pharmacy experience?

The Tin Rx One Card and membership is your access point to superior service. After hours pharmacy and pick-up, 24/7. Control your pharmacy experience.

A better way to get your PrEP. Filled and shipped monthly, before you need it. Our pharmacists and pharmacy advisors take care of making sure your PReP never stops, until you want it to.

Monthly prescriptions filled and delivered to your home, wherever you are. Our custom tailored medication packaging provides freedom from the traditional pharmacy experience.

You deserve better pharmacy.


TIN Rx leverages technology to make pharmacy more accessible, all with the dignity and respect that our patients deserve.