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Are you feeling the effects of anxiety or depression? We’re here to help. Our goal is to understand your experience so we can provide the best treatment. Not sure how you feel, talk to a TIN Rx partnered doctor via a telehealth consultation. TIN Rx can provide individualized treatments that are affordable to everyone, and especially those without insurance. 
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I need a new prescription. 

Start with a telehealth visit with a TIN Rx partnered doctor to receive a new prescription from TIN Rx. No insurance is required. A fee of $85 dollars covers both your telehealth visit and the first month of your prescription. Learn more about how we do telehealth.

+ Anxiety or Depression Treatment
+ FDA-Approved Medications
+ Doctor Access
+ Free Discreet Shipping
+ First Month (30 Days) Prescription Included

Before you can receive a new prescription, a TIN Rx doctor will verify your identity, diagnose your issue, and verify if you are eligible for a prescription. If your doctor determines you need a prescription, one will be written. You can only receive medications through TIN Rx with a doctor’s written prescription.
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I already have a prescription.

Generic prescription refills cost only $5 for hundreds of common medications including for anxiety or depression. No insurance is required. Get the same FDA-approved drugs at a fraction of the cost. Refilling is easy and we offer an ongoing subscription model for chronic conditions.

+ Anxiety or Depression Treatment
+ FDA-Approved Medications
+ Free SMS Concierge Service
+ Free Discreet Shipping
+ 30 Day Prescription

Your prescription must be current and valid. Our pharmacy operations vet every prescription before sending any medication. You can only receive medications through TIN Rx with a doctor’s written prescription. If your prescription is deemed invalid, a full refund for that medication will be refunded. 

Anxious or depressed, but not sure about your symptoms?

Talk to a TIN Rx partner physician. Receive a diagnosis and get prescribed a prescription medication, if you need it. 


Trouble Sleeping or Just Burnt Out?

Anxiety and depression come in many forms and severities. TIN Rx offers safe, secure and personalized access to our partnered doctors via 100% online telehealth consultation. Book an appointment online and speak directly with a doctor at your convenience. Your doctor will prescribe FDA-approved medication to help treat your condition, if necessary. Let’s get you back to feeling better. 

Speak With a Doctor, 100% Online

Sometimes you just need to speak to a doctor first. Book an appointment and visit a doctor, 100% online, with a personal device or computer from the comfort of your home. No insurance is required. A flat fee of $85.00 includes your TIN Rx partner physician visit and 30 days of generic medication, if prescribed, for anxiety or depression.

$85.00 (telehealth visit + prescription)
Join the thousands of people who get your medications prescribed and shipped without ever setting foot in a doctor’s office. Please note, a doctor must prescribe medication for TIN Rx to fulfill it.

New Patient? Start Here.


Already have a prescription? Start Here.


Buy Online, Ship Nationwide

TIN Rx offers a full online pharmacy, shipping nationwide, and telehealth visits by partnered doctors to prescribe medications safely & securely. No insurance is required. No traveling. No waiting in your doctor's office. Welcome to the future of pharmacy. 

1. Match prescription or symptom

Buy your medicine through our online store. If you already have a valid prescription for your chosen drug, you will be asked to upload it to our secure portal. If you do not have a current and valid prescription to transfer, you must complete a telehealth visit with a TIN Rx partner physician. If you qualify, our TIN Rx partner physician will give you a prescription after a diagnosis. It is easy, safe and fast. If you are not eligible to receive a prescription, you will be awarded a full refund. Please note that we do not offer prescriptions for controlled substances.

2. Telehealth visit with a doctor

If you do not currently have a valid prescription, you must complete a telehealth visit with a TIN Rx partner physician. The doctor will verify your identity, diagnose your problem, verify if you are eligible for a prescription, and write a prescription. Questions about your health and wellness will be asked through an online questionnaire & and health assessment prior to your visit to help our doctors efficiently and effectively diagnose your condition. A TIN Rx partner physician must write a prescription before we can ship any medications. Our telehealth partner physicians cannot write prescriptions for schedule II narcotics.

3. Shipped discreetly to your home

Prescription medications are fulfilled and shipped discreetly to you via UPS 2-day. If you need it faster we also offer expedited shipping. We currently ship nationwide to AK, AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, LA, MA, ME, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, and WY.


Your Savings. In Your Pocket.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Insurance, and Negotiated Rebates have made it nearly impossible for patients to obtain affordable healthcare. This issue has devastating effects for households who can’t afford to give their family the medication they need to live productive, stress-free, and happy lives.

With TIN Rx, the treatment you need becomes more affordable than you ever thought possible. It’s not a question you’ll save money. The question is: How much will you save?

“Tin Rx is very reliable and their pharmaceutical products are the best.”


An excellent product. Works really well for my ED and the prompt service and delivery is very quick… I will be a repeat customer every month


Absolutely painless and reassuring to buy through Tinrx! Top quality medications, excellent shipping and top notch communication. They always go above and beyond to answer any and all questions. Thank you


The most attractive thing about your products is the price. Ther service is excellent. I wish you offered higher dosages maybe 100ng tablets. For those who need max assistance.



From Acid reflux to UTI’s.