Your meds on
your terms.

Everyday, no misses. 

TIN Rx Daily is a boxed monthly medication program where each individual day is sequenced and packaged. Easy-to-read packs clearly state your medication, dose, and time of administration. If you’ve ever had that sinking feeling, unsure if you took your meds, Daily is for you. And, with easy-tear pouches, you can take your meds on the go. Whether you pick up your Daily at the pharmacy or get it shipped, you’ll never miss your meds again. 

Ready to start TIN Rx Daily?

Fill out the form below to begin your enrollment in Daily. A pharmacist will reach out to you for a consultation call and to discuss program benefits and eligibility. Manage your medication, and stop your Daily program at the beginning of any monthly Cycle. And the best part, TIN Rx Daily is free.