Your Meds, Boxed Monthly

All of your medications are packaged in a convenient 30-day supply box, delivered to wherever you are, and shipped for free. Tired of keeping track of all those bottles of medication? Daily can help keep you medication adherent with simple, easy-tear, and portable daily medication packets.

How Daily Works

TIN Rx Daily is a boxed monthly medication program where each individual day is sequenced and packaged. Easy-to-read packs clearly state your medication, dose, and time of administration. If you’ve ever had that sinking feeling, unsure if you took your meds, Daily is for you. And, with easy-tear pouches, you can take your meds on the go. Whether you pick up your Daily at one of our TIN RX locations or get it shipped, you’ll never miss your meds again. If you are just starting daily, but already have prescriptions, our pharmacists will coordinate with your previous pharmacy to make sure all your meds are transferred. So, you’ll avoid any awkward conversations. Plus, we’ll contact your physician to make sure there are no lapsed prescriptions on the medications you need most. 

Your Meds, On The Go

TIN Rx can package any medication or multiple medications into a Daily dispenser. You can even talk with a pharmacist to package a multivitamin or supplement if you have deficiencies do to the medications you are currently taking. Daily refills are simple and we coordinate with your physician to make sure you always have the medications you need, before you need them. 

Transfer Your Prescriptions to Start Daily

TIN Rx takes the pain out of transferring your prescriptions. We’ll call your existing pharmacy, talk to your old pharmacist, and get your medications transferred. Our patients avoid all those awkward conversations. Once your medications are with TIN Rx, you have options. Get generics and save, sync your meds, get them packaged in pouches every day in our Daily program, or sit back and get them shipped. 

Or Call (+1) 866-468-4679 to Transfer Prescriptions By Phone