Manage Your Health With A Simple Text



Kiss Insurance, Waiting Rooms, and Hidden Fees Goodbye

With Dr. TIN your personal healthcare is at your fingertips. Instantly connect to a Health Concierge, schedule a call with a TIN Rx Partnered Doctor, and get a new prescription during your consultation. Whether it’s a virtual Doctor visit… a Prescription Refill… or a quick question for one of our pharmacists, Dr. TIN is there for you.

Find a Doctor Wherever You Are With Dr. TIN

With a quick text, you can connect yourself to the right doctor for your health. Dr. TIN Card Holders can connect to a doctor whenever they’d like…right from their phone.


Doctor Consultations From the Comfort of Your Home

Kiss Insurance, Waiting Rooms, and Hidden Fees Goodbye.


Dr. TIN Telehealth Visit

Sometimes you just need to talk it through with a doctor first. Book an appointment and visit with a doctor via your personal device from the comfort of your own home. Innovative telehealth that makes it easy for you to conveniently access personalized medical care with the peace of mind of knowing a TIN Rx partnered doctor is always on call.

Get a Diagnosis

Not sure why you’re feeling off, a Dr. TIN is a great place to start. Start by having your Health Concierge will walk you through our process. Via a telehealth visit, a TIN Rx Partnered doctor will ask you personal questions about your health and wellness. No insurance is required.

Free (only pay for shipping)

Free Monthly Dr. TIN Card Membership, 24/7 Access to Your Health Concierge, ​$5 Prescription Refills, and more. ​Virtual Doctor Consultations do require a fee. 

Your Savings. In Your Pocket.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Insurance, and Negotiated Rebates have made it nearly impossible for patients to obtain affordable healthcare. This issue has devastating effects for households who can’t afford to give their family the medication they need to live productive, stress-free, and happy lives.

With Dr. TIN, the treatment you need becomes more affordable than you ever thought possible. It’s not a question you’ll save money. The question is: How much will you save?

Simple Pricing, No Insurance Needed

Dr. TIN Membership

Free! Your Dr. TIN Card gives you access to your Health Concierge completely free of charge. Just pay shipping & handling and we will send your card to you right away!

Prescription Refills

If you’re looking to refill a prescription or transfer your current prescription to TIN Rx to save money, you pay as little as $5 for a 30 day supply of our 1000+ generic prescription medications. 

New Prescriptions

Need a new medication but don’t have a prescription yet? No problem! Your Health Concierge will connect you to a doctor to write one if you qualify. Your visit, prescription, and shipping are all covered in one easy $85 payment. We’ll even send you over-the-counter medicine, vitamins, or diagnostic tools if you need them. TIN Rx cannot ship any medication without a written and valid prescription.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've ordered, but my Dr. TIN Card has not arrived. How can I start?

Call 1866-468-4679 and a TIN Rx representative will help you get started. Also, check your inbox for any emails from TIN Rx regarding your Dr. TIN card purchase.

Do I need texting abilities on my phone?

Unfortunately, Dr. TIN relies on the ability to send and receive SMS (text) messages. Call 866-468-4679 if you need to speak to a TIN Rx representative for help transferring a prescription.

Do I need insurance?

Zero, nada, zilch insurance needed.

Here’s why:
Instead of paying high co-pays and deductibles for generic drugs with a middleman like an insurer or plan administrator in the mix, we sell these lower-cost generics directly to customers at a certain price without any administrative fees that come standard from other pharmacies.

Can I transfer an existing prescription to save money with Dr. TIN?

Yes, transferring your prescriptions with Dr. TIN is easy! Simply scan the QR code on the back of your Dr. TIN Card and your Health Concierge will guide you through the process in a jiffy!

How much does Dr. TIN Card Membership Cost?

Membership to Dr. TIN is Free! Prescription refills are just $5. To start a new prescription, just $85 will cover your doctor consultation, prescription costs, and delivery fees!

Why is TIN Rx cheaper than my usual pharmacy?

We know it sounds too good to be true, but we are able to offer most medications at a lower price because our prices are not dictated by insurance. We use generic medications whenever possible, meaning you never have to pay for a brand name.

Simplify Getting The Meds You Need

TIN Rx offers a way to get your prescription medications at a fraction of the cost of a typical pharmacy selling brand name drugs. In short, we cut out the middlemen, PBM’s and Insurance Providers, and that drives our costs way down. Instead of offering generic prescriptions at big brand cost, we’re keeping it simple and affordable and passing off our savings to you.

Looking for the most affordable treatment? Our generic prescriptions start at $5 for 30 days.

Search hundreds of specific medications and save every month. Transfer any valid existing prescription to TIN Rx and avoid a trip to the pharmacy altogether. TIN Rx offers automatic refills, so you’ll never miss your meds.  

Dr. TIN Offers Care For All

The world is changing. Convenience has become top priority and as businesses continually innovate to save customers time and money, pharmacies (for multiple reasons) haven’t been able to keep up. Until now. TIN Rx is a refreshingly new kind of pharmacy with a commitment to taking Health Care into the modern era where convenience is king. 

Our unique pharmacy model, which leans heavily on technology, allows you to have both more freedom and more control over your pharmacy experience.

At TIN Rx, we don’t let insurance companies dictate our prices. So you know exactly what your prescription costs before you order. We don’t let the traditional system of healthcare determine our approach. So you don’t have to deal with middlemen and drive all around town to get the medication you need. We don’t let our patients pay extra costs for the Name Brand medication. So you can afford the treatment you need.

Regain control over your health with a stigma-free pharmacy setting the new standard for convenient healthcare in 2021.

The long-drawn-out process of receiving the medication you need is agonizingly tedious, dreadfully overcomplicated, and outrageously expensive.

With a Dr. TIN Card, you can save money on the treatment you need…without insurance.

Free (only pay for shipping)



“Tin Rx is very reliable and their pharmaceutical products are the best.”



An excellent product. Works really well for my ED and the prompt service and delivery is very quick… I will be a repeat customer every month



Absolutely painless and reassuring to buy through Tinrx! Top quality medications, excellent shipping and top notch communication. They always go above and beyond to answer any and all questions. Thank you



The most attractive thing about your products is the price. Ther service is excellent. I wish you offered higher dosages maybe 100ng tablets. For those who need max assistance.