Sildenafil for less than $3 a pill. 

Buy online. Free virtual doctor consult. Free shipping.

Sildenafil for less than $3 a pill. 

Buy online. Free virtual doctor consult. Free shipping.

Free Delivery + Mailing From TIN Rx

TIN Rx is now offering free delivery to San Francisco residents and free prescription mailing to everywhere TIN Rx delivers. Transferring your prescriptions from your current pharmacy is as easy as a short conversation with one of our pharmacists. TIN Rx will call your current pharmacy to make sure everything is transferred correctly. No awkward conversations, no hassle. 

Everything Pharmacy, For Everyone

TIN Rx has deep roots in San Francisco. We understand the challenges and needs that arise within the LGBTQ community. We’re an Independent Pharmacy with traditional pharmacy services and specialty care that caters to our patients’ unique needs. Our services range from traditional prescription fulfillment, vitamins and supplements, and medication therapy management to prophylaxis, hormone therapy, and specialty medications like PrEP and sofosbuvir®. TIN Rx accepts all insurances. Our patients get all the benefits of a neighborhood pharmacy, plus access to specialized medications with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

Medications, Packaged For You, Daily

TIN Rx Daily allows you to get all your prescriptions, pouch-packaged and labeled, by the day. TIN Rx can fill any prescription, and even supplements, into our 30 or 60 day Daily prescription dispenser. Get your Daily delivered, pickup in store, or use our Castro prescription pickup kiosk, and get on with your life. With Daily, you’ll never miss your meds again.    

Smart PrEP, ongoing monthly.

Get your Truvada® or Descovy® for PrEP delivered monthly, in easy-to- manage daily pouches. TIN Rx was the first independent pharmacy to dispense PrEP in California, and we’ve developed a process that’s patient focused. TIN Rx can deliver or mail your medication anywhere in California and we coordinate refills with your doctor and insurance. Continue without interruption and cancel anytime. It’s PrEP done right. 


Truvada® has been shown
to be effective in reducing the
risk of contracting HIV by
up to 92%-99%*

*When Truvada® is used in pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP.

A better pharmacy experience. You deserve it.

ED Treatment
Roll up your sleeves, unbuckle your belt, and let’s get to it: Our US-made non-brand-generic-Viagra Sildenafil treatment might finally allow you to get intimate — and does so in a 96% more affordable fashion than the blue pill.

A better way to get your PrEP. Protect yourself from HIV with our Generic Truvada. This pill can reduce the risk of HIV infection by up to 99% when taken as recommended. By online and get a free virtual doctor consult with free shipping.

Monthly prescriptions filled and delivered to wherever you are. Our custom-tailored medication packaging syncs all your medications in one daily sachet. Get it delivered and never step foot in a pharmacy.

You deserve better pharmacy.


From traditional pharmacy services to ED treatment, PrEP, prophylaxis, hormone therapy, specialty medications and a generics focused online pharmacy experience. Welcome to stigma free pharmacy.