Feeling Blue About the Price of Those Little Pills?

Our licensed pharmacists and doctors can help get the price of E.D. treatment down so you can feel good about getting it up. The price to treat E.D. is less expensive than you might think. Talk to a doctor, get an E.D. prescription, and get it shipped…alll for $45.00. Look at how much you could be saving.

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4 Simple Steps. Cash Payment. No Insurance needed.

1. Buy Online or Schedule a Consultation

Buy your ED treatment via our online store or schedule a call with a TIN Rx partnered doctor. Your prescription will be written after your consultation with the doctor and only if you qualify. It’s easy, safe, and fast. Choose between a 1 month or 3 month supply. If you are not eligible to receive a prescription, a complete refund will be allocated.

2. Questionnaire

Fill out the TIN Rx 5-minute E.D. questionnaire. These questions are necessary for a TIN Rx partnered doctor to properly and effectively administer your E.D. consultation.

3. Doctor Consultation

Complete a consultation with a TIN Rx partnered doctor. The doctor will go over your questionnaire, verify you are eligible, and write a prescription. You will be asked questions about your health and wellness. Our TIN Rx partnered doctor must write a prescription before we can send your meds. If you have not purchased your E.D. treatment, you will be sent a link to do so.

4. Shipped!

Prescriptions are shipped discreetly to you via UPS. Refilling your prescription is easy and hassle-free.

Or, don’t wait. Buy now and talk to a doctor after.

Claiming your 15 or 30-day supply is only the first step. Next, you’ll have an online consultation with a TIN Rx partnered doctor. Eligible patients must get their prescription written by a TIN Rx partnered doctor.

Discreet Packaging

Fast Delivery

✔ Made in the USA

30 Million Men Need a Boost In The Bedroom

So why are those blue pills so expensive? At TinRX, we don’t think it should be. That’s why our licensed pharmacists can help you get the cost down on the boost you need for more regular, more satisfying intimacy with just one, 15-minute call with a TIN Rx partnered doctor.

Are you ready to take control of your intimacy?

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James R.

TINRX was able to reduce my monthly prescription bill by hundreds of dollars per month, just with a simple 5 minute phone call. I was using brand name Viagra, and this place is literally 1/10th of the costs per pill.

Best Customer Service, Hands Down



Robert G.

Most pharmacists these days are rude, but with TINRX I get personal touch that I haven’t experienced in decades. Extremely easy to work with.

Personal Touch and Safety



Trevor M.

They understand my needs. I’ve used pharmacies that mix medicines that shouldn’t be mixed. They pay attention to drug interactions and make sure you have the proper dosage and brand before handing you medicine. Invaluable resource, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

How Does TIN Rx Keep the Cost So Low?

Fair question, especially with all the counterfeit performance enhancers on the market. See, we’re fed up with high cost and hard-to-access pharmaceutical care, too.

So instead of offering generic prescriptions at big brand cost, we’re keeping it simple and affordable and passing off our savings to you.

Ready to Take Control of Your Pleasure? It Only Takes a Minute to Start The Process.

Our Stigma-Free Pharmacy Is Backed By Real, Live Pharmacists… Not Just Stock Photos of Them

Our unique pharmacy model, which leans heavily on technology, allows you to have more freedom, control, and discretion over your pharmacy experience.

TinRX’s flagship, brick and mortar pharmacy is located in San Francisco, CA, and now we’re making our high-touch service digital to help more people get the personalized help they need.


I love how easy it is to schedule the free doctor consultation. 





Book Your Call Now. You Deserve It.


“Tin Rx is very reliable and their pharmaceutical products are the best.”



An excellent product. Works really well for my ED and the prompt service and delivery is very quick… I will be a repeat customer every month



Absolutely painless and reassuring to buy through Tinrx! Top quality medications, excellent shipping and top notch communication. They always go above and beyond to answer any and all questions. Thank you



The most attractive thing about your products is the price. Ther service is excellent. I wish you offered higher dosages maybe 100ng tablets. For those who need max assistance.