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The price of PrEP has dropped substantially. TIN Rx is passing those savings directly on to our patients. For just $79.95 a month, you could save thousands with TIN Rx, all with no insurance deductible. PrEP with TIN Rx could save you between $400.00 and $600.00 every month. Buy online and save with TIN Rx. The wait for PrEP is over.

TIN RX = $79.95 30 Day Supply
Brand Name = $1898.00* 30 Day Supply
*Cash pricing as of April 20, 2021


PrEP has been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of contracting HIV by up to 92% -99%*

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is a prescription medicine taken once a day for adults and adolescents at risk for HIV. PrEP reduces the chances of contracting HIV through sex. PrEP works by protecting you before you come into contact with HIV.

*When using Truvada® in pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP



You must be HIV negative to start taking PrEP

TIN Rx makes sure all eligible patients have access and can get affordable PrEP. A free, simple HIV test and free consultation with one of our partner doctors are the first steps. You must verify a negative HIV test to a TIN Rx partner physician with a home test kit before we can provide you with a prescription. Don’t worry, scheduling your doctor visit is free and easy through our online scheduler. If your test is positive, a full refund will be issued for any payment. Unfortunately, PrEP should not be used in people assigned as female at birth who are at risk of contracting HIV through vaginal sex, because its effectiveness has not been studied.

Taking PrEP does not prevent you from getting other STIs. Practice safer sex by using a latex or polyurethane condom to reduce the risk of STIs. Be sure to let our doctor know if you have or have ever had kidney or liver problems, including hepatitis, during your visit.

Fill out the form on the top of this page or start the purchase process below to see if you qualify for PrEP from TIN Rx.


5 easy steps. Cash payment. No insurance is required.

1. Buy online or schedule a consultation

Purchase your PrEP treatment through our online store or schedule a call with a TIN Rx partnered physician. Your prescription will be written after your doctor’s visit and only if you qualify. It is easy, safe, and fast. Choose from a 1-month or 3-month supply. If you are not eligible to receive a prescription, you will be awarded a full refund.

2. Free at home test kit

Test yourself for HIV, for free, in the privacy of your own home. Your results must be verified by a TIN Rx partnered physician. Only HIV-negative patients are eligible for PrEP.

3. Questionnaire

Complete the TIN Rx 5-minute PrEP questionnaire. These questions are necessary for a TIN Rx partnered physician to properly and effectively manage your PrEP consultation.

4. Consultation

Have a consultation with a TIN Rx partnered physician. The doctor will review your questionnaire, verify that you are eligible for PreP, and grant you a prescription. You will be asked questions about your health and well-being. Our TIN Rx partner physician must write a prescription before we can ship your medication. If you have not purchased your PrEP treatment, a link will be sent to you to do so at this time.

5. Shipped!

Prescriptions are shipped to you discreetly through UPS. Refilling your prescription is easy and hassle-free.

Affordable PrEP is finally here. Get yours.

Locking in this great price and claiming your FREE trial kit is just the first step. A negative test result and consultation with a TIN Rx partnered physician is necessary. Eligible patients must have a valid prescription to receive medications from TIN Rx. Start the process by buying now.

1-Month Supply of PrEP

FREE Doctor Consultation (Value $150)
Test HIV Kit (Value $40)
(Total Value $269.95)

3-Month Supply of PrEP

FREE Doctor Consultation (Value $150)
Test HIV Kit (Value $40)
(Total Value $427.00)

Discreet packaging

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Save money



Zachary C.

I've never had a better pharmacy experience before!

Better customer service, hands down



Robert G.

Most pharmacists these days are rude, but with TINRX I get a personal touch that I haven't experienced in decades. Extremely easy to work with.

Personal touch



Jose M.

Small pharmacy with a personalized service that is far above what others offer. Medications are always ready when you need them, and the staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and go out of their way to help.

How does TIN Rx keep the cost so low?

Fair question, especially with the increasingly fluctuating price of common prescription drugs. Also we are tired of pharmaceutical care of high cost and difficult to access.

So instead of offering generic prescriptions at a big brand-name cost, we keep it simple and affordable and pass our savings on to you. That means you get the same effective drug formulations at a lower cost. Additionally, by offering a cash payment option, without triggering an insurance copayment, we can further reduce the price for most patients.



Have questions? Our pharmacists are ready to help. Start a chat or call us.



Starting at $79.95 a month, now is the time to start PrEP.


“Tin Rx is very reliable and their pharmaceutical products are the best.”



An excellent product. Works really well for my ED and the prompt service and delivery is very quick… I will be a repeat customer every month



Absolutely painless and reassuring to buy through Tinrx! Top quality medications, excellent shipping and top notch communication. They always go above and beyond to answer any and all questions. Thank you



The most attractive thing about your products is the price. Ther service is excellent. I wish you offered higher dosages maybe 100ng tablets. For those who need max assistance.