PrEP: The History of the HIV Preventative Medicine

In the early 1980s, a new disease emerged that would come to be known as HIV. The virus was spread primarily by sexual contact and/or sharing needles with an infected person. At first, it seemed like everyone who had been exposed to the virus developed AIDS and died shortly after exposure. By the end of 1985, every region in the world had reported at least one case of AIDS, with 20,303 cases in total. However, through research, scientists eventually discovered how to slow down or even stop the progression of HIV into AIDS if they were treated quickly enough. This led to a medication called PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) being made available for all those who needed it in order to prevent them from getting sick in the future. 

In 2012, the FDA approved Truvada as a preventative of HIV. Fifty-four percent of the eligible population were able to start receiving treatment. The drug was originally developed to treat people who were already infected, but it proved so successful in preventing the virus that it quickly became a new form of treatment. The World Health Organization (WHO) followed the FDA’s approval and began recommended PrEP as a way to prevent contracting HIV. By 2018, multiple countries including Canada, Australia, the United States, and countries within the European Union were all making PrEP available to the public. In January 2020, California became the first state to allow pharmacists to dispense PrEP without a doctor’s prescriptions, as long as certain clinical criteria of the individual were met. This allows at-risk individuals to receive treatment quicker. 

Unfortunately, PrEP is vastly underused by those who would benefit from it. A systematic review found that awareness about prevention drugs like PrEP is low, but individuals were receptive when presented with information from doctors and health care professionals.

PrEP has been shown to be effective at reducing the risk of contracting HIV by up to 99%. PrEP typically consists of a daily pill that must be taken following potential exposure, or in anticipation of possible exposure. To ensure safety, one should take their PrEP every day as directed by their doctor or physician to reduce risk and protect oneself from HIV infection. Unfortunately, PrEP is vastly underused by those who would benefit from it. A systematic review found that awareness about prevention drugs like PrEP is low, but individuals were receptive when presented with information from doctors and health care professionals. Common barriers include lack of communication between patients and their doctor, stigma or shame associated with taking these medications which can lead to some not wanting them, even if they will protect against disease transmission, and the cost of prescriptions being too high for the general public.

The introduction of PrEP to the market for HIV prevention has been met with some controversy, especially over its cost and the disparities in availability and access. Some organizations have embraced it as part of their strategy against AIDS. Different programs throughout the US have aimed at reducing the spread of HIV by using PrEP. The treatment’s controversies mainly stem from the soaring prices that make access to this life-saving medication difficult.

Within the United States, a 30-day supply of Truvada can cost upwards of $2,000. This pricing makes it difficult for many of the at-risk individuals who need PrEP. Fortunately, TIN Rx is working to make this life-changing medication more accessible and affordable for everyone. We do this by using Generic Truvada instead of brand name and therefore can save you hundreds of dollars on a 30-day supply. Generic Truvada has the same effectiveness as the brand name but at a fraction of the cost. Our monthly prescription of Generic Truvada is only $79.95, plus you can order it in the comfort of your own home and have it delivered right to your door. This US-made, FDA-approved generic PrEP prescription has already become a success by helping thousands of individuals across the nation. PrEP is for adolescents and adults, as long as they are above 75 pounds and are already HIV negative. PrEP is also for those who have a sexual partner who has HIV, or for those who have not consistently worn a condom with new or changing partners.  

At TIN Rx, we want to lessen the worries of individuals at risk of contracting HIV. We believe this life-saving medication should be more affordable and more obtainable to all of those who need it. We are here to provide you with the affordable PrEP option that Big Pharma companies refuse to offer the public. Our PrEP program requires no insurance, plus we provide ongoing doctor support during your prescription. All that is needed to begin your prescription is to fill out our form, and we will send a free at-home HIV test kit and set you up with one of our TIN Rx partnered doctors for a free consultation.  

Do you think you might be a candidate for PrEP? Learn more about how TIN Rx can help you take control of your health.

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