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TIN Rx PharmAffordable not only saves you money, we also take the pain out of transferring your prescriptions. We’ll call your existing pharmacy, talk to your old pharmacist, and get your prescription medications transferred to TIN Rx. Our patients avoid all those awkward conversations with your existing pharmacy. After you submit your form a TIN Rx representative will contact you by phone within 24 hours to go over the payment and delivery process. We’ll also send you emails outlining the TIN Rx PharmAffordable program.

You’re almost done. Fill out the form below to start TIN Rx PharmAffordable.

Due to my income level and the lack of available assets, I and my family are in extreme financial need at the present time. In light of my other expenses for the necessities of life, I attest and confirm to TIN Rx under penalties of perjury that paying the cited price for my necessary medication would present a significant financial burden on me and my family. If this situation ever changes, I agree to inform TIN Rx promptly that I am no longer eligible for the PharmAffordable Program.