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Who is TinRx?

TIN Rx is a stigma-free pharmacy that focuses on patient’s need on a personal level by developing one on one relationships with our customers.

Insurance Questions?

We verify your insurance benefits and keep you informed. Many Specialty medications require a Prior Authorization from your insurance to determine whether they will cover your medication. This process often involves additional paperwork such as Clinical notes from your Doctor, or any other helpful information they may need to come to a decision.

TIN Rx will take care of this process for you by working with your Doctors office and Insurance so you can focus on just one thing…a successful treatment outcome.

Payment Questions?

Our helpful staff will discuss payment options.

Specialty medications can be very expensive, and when
insurance is not enough, we use our resources to find
medication coupons that will reduce the monthly cost
of your medication.

For the uninsured, we also look for foundations to help
you pay for out of pocket medication expenses should
you require assistance.

Delivery Questions?
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