5 Tips To Break The Bed W/O

Breaking The Bank

(Even If You Can’t Get It Up)

5 Tips To Break The Bed W/O

Breaking The Bank

(Even If You Can’t Get It Up)

30m+ Americans Who Can’t Get Hard Could Use These 5 Tricks
To Get Olympic Performance In Bed… Starting From Today!

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Proper Sleep Can Have Profound Effects On Your Performance In Bed

We have TONS of pressure to perform in bed. And once we get past the idea of size… there’s the fear of NOT being able to get hard and stay hard — a reality affecting nearly 70% of men over the course of their lives.

But people tend to forget the effects sleep can have on sharpening your sword…

Despite causing unnecessary stress to the body, studies show that lack of sleep (less than 8h) might lead to decreased testosterone levels and faster progression of the “softie” condition.

What should you do before it gets too late? Might sound impossible, but try to get at least 7h of sleep every night to avoid sleep-related ED issues. You could see positive effects after only a few days.


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Two Drinks & You’re Out!

Most doctors will agree that you need to limit alcohol consumption to boost your performance in bed.

In the long term, heavy alcohol drinking can’t only cause serious diseases like cirrhosis, but it can also increase the progression of ED. In the short term, well… you get whiskey d…

But who are we kidding? We both know we ain’t gonna stop drinking…

And honestly, you do not need to cut your alcohol consumption completely if you want to perform better in bed.

A decent way to approach this is to limit consumption to a max of 2 drinks before getting at it. But keep in mind that if you use ED meds you’ll need to cut alcohol consumption a few hours prior to playing…


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Size Matters… So Get Slim & Stay Slim

Surprise, surprise! Studies show that better eating habits — including the consumption of fruits, veggies, and healthy fats — can have great effects on lowering the risk of ED.

Studies additionally show that a trim waistline is a pretty good defense… as a 42-inch waist if 50% more likely to have ED than one with a 32-inch waist.

You see, if you attack the problem with a double edge sword you can lose weight and make healthier habits at the same time WITHOUT changing your day-to-day life too much…

For example…

No need to cut coffee! Caffeine is shown to boost the blood flow to your member, so 2-3 cups a day might help to nail it tonight!

Spice up the bedroom with some chilli peppers… A chilli chemical triggers the release of endorphins which in turn could get you in better shape

Oats are one of the sexiest foods and might act as an aphrodisiac by helping maintain an erection and reach an orgasm.

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Cigarettes After Sex…

Quit smoking!

Oh, snap! It didn’t work, did it?

It’s far easier said than done, but if you wanna nail it tonight, at least don’t smoke for 4-5 hours prior to the act — even THAT might have significant effects on your performance.

For example, a study published in the Journal of Sex Medicine got 2 groups of men. One group got a placebo, and another one a nicotine treatment equivalent to 1 cigarette.

40 minutes later, they got to watch porn. Guess what happened…

After only 1 cigarette, the nicotine group had “significantly reduced erectile responses to the erotic films”— 23% reduction to precise…

Zachary C.

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